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Irisa Nyira – Defiance Build

Irisa Nyira, also known as Irisa Nolan, is a female Irathient, the adoptive-daughter of Joshua Nolan, a deputy Lawkeeper of Defiance and the host of the Kelavar.

Season one of Defiance aired last year (2013) and soon became a hit. From the beginning of the show I loved all the characters and knew I wanted to cosplay as someone from it. My favourite characters from the show were Irisa Nyira and Stahma Tarr. Originally I had planned to cosplay as Stahma with friends as Datak and Alak but after much consideration my friend who was going to cosplay as Datak decided it would be easier for her to be Stahma so I changed to Irisa. Turns out I’m a lot happier with this choice as as season one went on I fell in love with her character more and more.

I actually started with the basics for Irisa which was making her necklace and buying contact lenses and boots. I did buy trousers for her as well but haven’t got the picture on here.

Following that it was time to work on finding a wig. I found one in a colour I really liked but sadly even though it was heat resistant I could only find that specifc colour in a side parted wig so I bought a new wig cap and started the slow process of removing the wefts from one wig cap and transferring them to another so I could add the side parting into the middle.

I couldn’t find the exact colour fabric for her top but I could find the same fabric just in a somewhat brighter colour so after ordering it from the USA and having it delivered to a friend over there I pick it up in September and got to work.

After buying some gorgeous red leatherette I got to work on the shoulder rig which involved what felt like a million different ways to attach it together including buckles, eyelets of different sizes, two type of thonging and elastic.

This is all the progress I have so far on this costume but am hoping to have it completed in the next week as I’m meant to be wearing it for Winter London Film and Comic Con next weekend. Will hopefully have some more updates once it’s all finished.


Costumes and Conventions for 2013


First of all just wanted to wish all my followers a happy New Year even if it is 16 days late. So I currently have a lot of conventions planned for this year (though whether or not I do them all if yet to be seen) and costumes already planned for all my definites.

Convention Plans

Costume Line Up

  • Poison Ivy – Batman
  • Selene – Underworld
  • R – Warm Bodies
  • Female Sub Zero – Mortal Kombat
  • Gretal – Hansel and Gretal Witch Hunters)

Here’s a quick preview of the the costumes I’m planning below:

My female Sub Zero will actually be different elements from both Frost and Sub Zero’s outfit making it pretty much my own version where I can. I was inspired to do this after seeing the awesome Rob and Terry at EMS as Sub Zero and Scorpion.

R under outfit and make up test. And my Selene catsuit and boots with a random corset.

Onwards and Upwards

Well I seem to have been extremely lazy recently and have been no where near here to update and for that I apologise. I have been to a few different conventions recently wearing a mixture of self made, made by others, and altered costumes which I will add to a gallery below.

I starred in a zombie trailer as one of the SWAT members which was done for the Resident Evil 6 game, pics will be added to the gallery and the actual trailer is below.

There was also Eternal Twilight 8 which was meant to be the finale Twilight convention but just cause their awesome Massive Events are now also running Eternal Twilight 9 in Feb, for ET9 convention information click here. Eternal Twilight 8 was the first convention where I actually had commissioned pieces worn that I had made for friends other than my close knit Cullen group. The great thing is even so one of these ladies is now another Bella in our group, her name is Eternally Cullen and she is pictured in the gallery below as Breaking Dawn Part 2 Battle and Newborn Bella as well as Kristen Stewart’s MTV movie awards black and red dress.

As this has now been a stupidly large post I will leave updating on upcoming commissions and conventions till my next post.

Katniss Everdeen Visits Collectormania 19

My Katniss Everdeen costume was finished in the nick of time for Collectormania. I decided a few days before that I would wear her Arena outfit minus weaponary for the Friday even though we weren’t there for the whole day as thought it would be easier than trying to wear the bow and quiver as well. Though Friday may have been the best day to carry the weapons as it was really quiet unlike the Saturday.

I met quite a few of the guests that were there on the Friday just so I could get them out of the way as I knew it would be pretty manic on the Sat and for some of the Sunday. I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica Parker Kennedy from The Secret Circle and we talked costumes, and about TSC being cancelled. Jessica was really nice and so friendly with everyone, she even knew what my costume was.

I met up with the two Lisa’s aka Foxface and Clove on Friday as well and we thought we’d go terrorise Amandla (Rue) and Dayo (Thresh).

Thanks to Lisa (Clove) for the below picture its awesome.

On the Saturday there were a few more Hunger Games cosplayers at the event including Peeta and Capitol Citizen.

Later on, on Saturday I caught up with a few other friends and one of them took the amazing pictures below. Please be aware that the photos are © Copyrighted to Littleflowers Photography so please do not steal these images. If they are found on your website you will be asked to remove them.

Katniss Arena Progress

With just over a week to the convention and a serious chest infection to say I’m behind with Katniss for Collectormania is a definite understatement. Before I even came down with my chest infection I had already decided to buy some parts instead of making them which meant sourcing them on the internet. Hopefully once this costume is finished I will have some time to actually do a post with where I purchased the various parts of my costume.

The last couple of days have been a mixture of spray painting my bow and arrow shafts silver as well as making the fletching for my arrows from acetate and silver sticky back paper (still have about a million to make). Because the arrows are going to be none fuctional I’m not going to bother adding anything to the bottom of them just yet but I may do in the future. As well as spray painting I was awaiting my order of two belts which are pretty spot on for Katniss apart form having to change the buckles and paint the eyelets on the silver instead of black. I’ve also been working on her jacket. I will add the pictures below in a gallery of sorts.

Costume updates

With the cancellation of The Games Con (unofficial The Hunger Games convention) at the beginning of June I decided I would temporarily put two of the Katniss costumes on hold as I knew for a fact I had no extra days at upcoming conventions to fit them into. So for now Girl on Fire catsuit and Training will both be on hold but I am still hoping to finish her Arena outfit for Collectormania 18, which is the first weekend in June (Collectormania 18). I will be taking Katniss as well as my US Colonial Marine from Aliens.

In honor of The Hunger Games I will also be picking up Peeta Mellark for LFACC in July (London Film and Comic Con). I’m hoping to also take Selene from Underworld for this but plans on that costume could change depending on funds.

After the cancellation of The Games Con a friend of mine also mentioned Insurgence 4 near the end of June which is a Vampire Diaries convention, I have done Stefan cosplay in the past but decided one of the nights I would like to do Elena’s Dangerous Liaisons dress as well so am currently in the process of trying to acquire all the fabrics to make this. I will update with more progress as and when I have it.

So for now folks that’s me done and dusted costume wise for this year.

The Games Convention Cancelled

Sadly due to lack of interest in the convention as well as unavailability of guests for “these types of conventions” (meaning the guests aren’t allowed to do it cause its an unofficial event) The Games convention in June has been cancelled. Am hoping that in the future this event will be brought back but with the issues getting guests I’m not sure it will be. Both guests that were attending have been reschedueled for Collectormania 18 in Milton Keynes the weekend before The Games convention. “Foxface” has also been announced for Collectormania 18.

Massive Events Presents The Games

Massive Events the company who brought you the Eternal Twilight conventions will be holding the United Kingdom’s first unofficial The Hunger Games convention in Birmingham 8th-10th June 2012.

The current guests are as follows with more still to follow.

Tickets available are standard, silver, gold and VIP. More information on the tickets can be found here.

These conventions are packed with fun and games from start to finish and are definitely something I would recommend to all. This is the convention where I will be debuting my three Katniss costumes that I am currently covering in blog.

To find out more about this convention check out their main website as well as their forum.

Eternal Twilight 8

So whilst I’m hoping I still have your full attention its time to give some details on the next and sadly final Eternal Twilight convention. The convention will be held 12th-14th October 2012 at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole within the NEC complex. I for one have been doing these conventions since Eternal Twilight 3 and have enjoyed every single one of them.

The guests to this event are currently as follows.


Ticket information can be found here as well as more up to date information on the forum. More updates regarding this convention will be posted as and when they become available.

Finished dress and con photos.

As most of you will know this dress was being made for Eternal Twilight 7 which was the weekend just gone (17th-19th Feb), we have also been told the dates for Eternal Twilight 8 and that will be the last of the Twilight conventions held by Massive Events which is extremely sad news. I will add any links etc to the bottom of this post with luck.

The dress was well received as was the Cullen group as a whole, sadly our Jasper couldn’t make it but we hope that she will be making the last convention in October to join the fun and games and mentalness of the final one. We will be going down with style. So basically to follow are the pictures of the final dress as well as some of Emily and the rest of the group wearing their outfits over the weekend. Credit goes to a lot of my convention friends for taking the pictures as I kept forgetting to give someone my camera.

A big shout out also going to Danielle (Esme) and Hannah (Carlisle) for their help making this dress whether it was something as simple as ironing seams, or helping me make pieces sew together in the correct order.