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Updating The Page

I’ve been very behind recently with any updates on this page apart from adding the odd album for costumes. I have slowly started to change the appearance of the page and am going to be working on updating all the albums with recent convention photos. I may also be doing an update of any events I have done since the beginning of the year.

I still have a few parts to do on my Stephenie Meyer Day experiences last year with pictures and videos to share. Sadly real life go in the way a little bit at the beginning of the year so I apologise for the lack of any activity, replies to any comments etc.

Please stick with me guys and I will try my best to keep this page updated. I may also be adding some new ideas to the page including book reviews and possibly the odd book to movie review. Also have been doing a few photo edits recently for movies and TV programmes I like so I may also be sharing those either within posts or as a separate page on the top.


Stephenie Meyer Day 2013 Part Two


So I said this next post would be from the beautiful drive from Port Angeles to Forks but some of the videos from this post are actually from before reaching Port Angeles but thought it was better to put them all in one. All the pictures however are from between Port Angeles and Forks. Don’t think I really need to write much else about the journey cause you can see what it was like from the pictures and videos alone.

The next post will be actually arriving in Forks and finally getting to meet everyone from the Stephenie Meyer Day Olympic Coven.

Stephenie Meyer Day 2013 Part One


So this post has been a long time coming, I’ve been meaning to do it for months but never had the chance to, I was originally going to do just one post with my experiences but it looks like it may have to be split into different parts. In September 2013 I got the chance to go to where Twilight began, a sleepy little town called Forks in Washington which is the main setting for the Twilight Saga. Not only that but I went at the same time as a yearly event there called Stephenie Meyer Day run by the awesome Staci Chastain in honor of Bella Swan’s birthday.

Not only did I go to Forks but I also got the chance to go to some of the movie locations as well the book locations and also spent some time in Seattle, though that was mainly for shopping!

So where do I begin. Our journey started on 10th September 2013 from Manchester airport, where we had to catch an 11am flight from there to Philadelphia, USA. With a 4 hour layover before our flight from Philadelphia to Seattle. When we got to Philadelphia we actually met up with Vee from the Stephenie Meyer Day Olympic Coven who happened to be on the same flight as us between Philly and Seattle.

That was pretty much day one of our journey. This also included them losing mine and Vee’s luggage after they “accidentally” left it in Philadelphia. I totally blame Vee she cursed us by saying her luggage wouldn’t arrive, it ended up being my suitcase and her’s that didn’t turn up though my mum and boyfriend’s both did.

After a really early start of 5am (damn you jet lag) we had to go and retrieve my suit case which was arriving on the first flight from Philadelphia and also go and pick our car up. Yet again I ran into Olympic Coven members, this time in the form of Christilynn aka Bella and Tiffany aka Rosalie. I also got to meet Subha aka Jacob/Lil J and his mum who is the sweetest lady ever. (Sadly didn’t get any pics with Subha at this point)

So before I even left Seattle I’d already met 4 members of the SMD cast. What made waiting around more worth while was finally getting to meet Victoria K and Staci C as well as Whitney and a few others. So then onward on our journey… stop Port Angeles.

After Port Angeles was the journey between there and Forks itself, now that is worth a post of its own due to the pictures and videos I got a long the way.

Stephenie Meyer Day 2013


As an admin on UK Twilight and as most of us will be heading to Forks, Washington this September we thought we’d share the amazing event the SMD organisers put on every year over the weekend of Bella Swans birthday.

The weekend comes with its very own Olympic Coven with a brand new cast member this year to tie in with Breaking Dawn Pt 2.


The weekend runs from Thursday 12th of September through until the 15th of September.

Check out the Official Facebook page for updates and for more information about the event and Forks itself. (The site is having a little makeover at the moment but works just fine)

Working alongside Stephenie Meyer Day this year is Forever in Forks brought to the weekend by TwiBetween.

Its looking like its going to be an amazing weekend.
Are you going?

Credit to UKTwilight