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So my first Q&A will be with the awesome costuming group Project October. These guys are the bees knees and definitely a great group to know. I first met two members of Project October, Rob and Terry at Entertainment Media Show 2012 and we became friends from there.

Name: Rob Tyler
Age: 28
Location: London

Name: Terry May
Age: 25
Location: London

Name: Sharon O’Brien-Lumley
Age: guess!
Location: Surrey

Name: Chris Hampshire
Age: 28
Location: Wallington

What got you into costuming?

Rob: I have always been a massive geek and fan of everything sci-fi/comics and spent huge amounts of my childhood collecting props and replicas from my favourite comics/shows/games and always wanted to have costumes as part of my collection. It wasn’t until I eventually got the courage to wear them in public and I got hooked on costuming as a hobby rather then collecting.

Terry: I have always been a comics/games/movies fan and have been going to conventions for a long time. I finally took the plunge into costuming in 2012 when Rob and I were already planning costumes for a big Halloween party for my 25th.

Sharon: Love going to all the cons and saw all the great costumes that others were wearing….the bug took hold!

Chris: Not sure. Who doesn’t love it?

When did you do your first costume and what was it?

Rob: October 2012 was my first ever outing in costume. I did Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat 9 along with Terry who matched up with me as Scorpion. For both our first outings into costuming they were received incredibly well and started an addiction for us!!

Terry: Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, first appearing at EMS 2012.

Sub Zero and Scorpion

Sharon: EMS Oct 2012 Dark Knight Rises Catwoman

Chris: I can’t remember when it was but it was at the film and comic con at
Olympia with my girlfriend Sharon O’Brien-Lumley. I went as Batman……… I’M BATMAN…

The Cat and The Bat

If you could make any costume if money wasn’t an issue what would you want to do and why?

Rob: The Guyver… Not a massively well known character but the art and styling are absolutely amazing and I’ve been a huge fan of it since childhood when I first read the manga’s, the armour is just stunningly designed…

The Guyver

Terry: Without a doubt, the horseman Death from Darksiders. Ideally I’d like to do it in a group and get all four horseman of the apocalypse together!

Death Darksiders

Sharon: I really would love to do a quality deluxe female version of Tim Burton’s mad hatter from Alice in Wonderland. Custom made wig and huge gigantic top hat! Would love to have it all hand made in the UK for quality control reasons as I’ve had a few problems with items I’ve bought from overseas, this then would make it pretty expensive! Or maybe a female Predator!

Chris: That’s a good question. Give me lots of money and we will see what i come out with….

Any upcoming projects/costumes?

Rob: So many in the works at the moment I like to keep the majority of my projects secret as I want them to be a surprise when they’re finished and to keep them unique but I’m near enough always working on something usually 2-3 projects at once if they’re not for me I’ll be working on something for a friend or commission so it never really ends.. You can see most of my works in progress on our group page but I’m probably working a couple behind the scenes in secret then what you’ll see there

Terry: Green Arrow, 4th Hokage from Naruto and a few secret projects!


Sharon: Selene from Underworld and a Silent Hill demon nurse!


Chris: OH YES…. I have a few plans in mind, Hellboy will make a return and this time I will remember to pack the coat. For other costumes….. watch this space.


What would your say is your main focus in costuming (armour, corsets, props, fursuits etc)?

Rob: Armour without a doubt everyone of my costumes have to be in someway armoured I don’t like “soft” costumes especially as I can’t sew and am pretty useless at textiles/fabric work but even ignoring that I just prefer an armoured or latex organic style costume as seen in my Spawn suit none of my current costumes really have any props so my next project is focused pretty heavily on props as opposed to the armour…

Terry: I like costumes with props, something to spice things up a little. But realistically I try to focus on characters I like at the same time as things that are unique and/or aren’t seen too often.

Sharon: Definitely corsets at the mo, but I’m also quite into my props having made a Poison Ivy whip and a huge over sized knife for my Silent Hill nurse character….

Chris: I would have to say armour, I love the way it looks and gives a really good film look about it. Plus corsets don’t look good on me lol.

What is your favourite part of costuming?

Rob: Everything really, I love the actual putting a project together and designing it in concepts stage right up to the actual work in building it and putting it together to the final “test fitting” where I get to see the finished result for the first time but the biggest buzz has to come from wearing it at a convention there’s nothing like it!

Terry: Meeting other cosplayers and awesome people is great fun. There’s a fantastic community out there and I’m glad to now be a part of it! Also, getting to really geek out over something you love and be almost ‘exposed’ in this way is extremely liberating. Doing this has really opened me up and changed my perspective on a lot of things.

Sharon: You can be someone else for a day – being able to transform yourself completely into someone or something else – some people have said that I’m unrecognisable! Also love to see all of the other weird and wonderful costumes others come up with.

Chris: Dressing up…… lol… I like the looks from people and people wanting photos. Cosplaying is a great way to meet great people.

Any upcoming events?

Rob: MCM Expo in May LFCC in July MCM in October probably a few others in between but those are the big ones I 100% will be attending.

Terry: Yes, quite a few the Project October group. We’ll be at MCM Expo in May, followed by LFCC in July. Then we’ll be attending a number of other events throughout the rest of the year.

Sharon: Next con is the MCM in May.

Chris: You bet. May 24th 25th 26th at MCM Expo

What do you do for fun outside conventions?

Rob: I’m really into mixed martial arts and the gym I spend huge amounts of my free time in the gym either lifting weights or working on my cardio, I’m also a trained tattoo artist so try to keep up with that as much as I can if friends want work done etc other then that my time is used up by the usual time wasters video games, movies, friends and so on!

Terry: I read a lot. I play games even more. I go out and spend time with my friends most weekends and I have a multitude of other hobbies to amuse myself with when not doing the aforementioned things. And, of course, I like to come up with and research new ideas for future costumes!

Sharon: Love movies and musicals ……also love usual stuff like going out to eat and drinking!…but I am also a mad vampire fan so anything vampiric or horror is for me too!

Chris: Fight crime with the rest of Project October………

So that rounds up the end of the questions with the Project October team, check out their facebook page and don’t forget to like it (link is at the top of the page). Till next time folks!


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