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Book Review: Fated by Joanne Kershaw


Defeated but not vanquished, the foes of light have retreated. But victory came at a terrible cost to Elora Walker, with her friends lost and scattered. Eleven months later and just seventeen, she commands her own Vanguard quad but struggles with a past that won’t release her and a future she hesitates to embrace.

The barriers between worlds continues to weaken, Dark Seekers are emboldened, and David still plans to engulf humanity in eternal night. Elora means to end the threat once and for all but dreads the personal consequences. Will saving the world demand the ultimate sacrifice? And who must pay it?

After the emotional roller coaster that was Reflected I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Fated. I needed to know exactly what was going to happen to Elora and her friends. The prologue starts off straight after the events of Reflected as the friends reel from the aftermath of what happened. With their enemies having now retreated, Elora and her friends are left to pick up the pieces and try and rebuild and carry on.

Chapter one begins almost a year after the events of the prologue, Elora requests a transfer after her graduation to be on the front lines and finds herself at Keystone in an entirely new quad. Wanting a change from what has happened in the past she distances herself from her friends as they all struggle to fight their own demons.

The emotions in Fated run fairly high from the get go and be prepared for that ending, Joanne Kershaw really knows how to kick a reader in the feels. I loved everything about this book, from the characters, to the world that was created, everything helps to bring the entire story to life.

I for one plan to read the entire series again from the beginning just so I can fall in love with the characters and potentially have my heartbroken all over again but it’s definitely worth it. I would recommend this story (and series) to anyone who likes a good young adult fantasy series.

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