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So I don’t usually share products on my page that aren’t used for costumes but I just had to share GiPsy Dharma. You may have seen their pictures shared on friends facebook feeds with amazing giveaways of their boots, and I for one try and enter each week because their products are just amazing. Don’t worry I’ll be adding all the links to the bottom of this page.

GiPsy Dharma is not just a brand it is a passion for handmade clothing and leather footwear. Life is a journey, a beautiful journey if one looks at it from the right perspective and GiPsy Dharma is my own philosophy of always being on the move and constantly dreaming of what will come next. Gipsy Dharma boots are designed to help people in their journey by, if only slightly, beautifying their lives, inspiring them, raising their level of self-awareness and by giving them a lucky sign to start fresh. After all, don’t we all have a little free spirited Gipsy in us just waiting to get out and explore? 🙂 – From the About Us

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