Vee Elle as Alice Cullen

©Stephenie  Meyer Day 2013

I love cosplaying Alice Cullen because it’s allowed me the opportunity to connect with amazing Twilight fans from around the world. Knowing that I help to bring their Twilight experiences to life in Forks, Washington is incredibly special. – Vee Elle

Name: Vee
Cosplay Alias: Vee Elle as Alice Cullen
First Cosplay: Chii from Chobits
Dream Cosplay: Princess Serenity, Sailor Moon
When did you start cosplaying: 2008

Vee is a stunning Alice Cullen cosplayer from Toronto. We met first over Facebook but had a chance to meet finally at Stephenie Meyer Day 2013 and again in 2014. She runs Go Ask Alice Cullen on wordpress which is a great place to find out about Alice’s outfits from The Twilight Saga. Vee has been professionally portraying Alice with The Olympic Coven since 2013.

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